Born the year my family returned from a decade abroad, I grew up in suburban New Jersey, always eager to be elsewhere. My first escape came at age three. Clad in alphabet pajamas and sprawled out across two seats, I slept my way over the Pacific Ocean en route to Hong Kong. My toddler palate sampled Mongolian barbeque and attacked ramen noodles with chopsticks; I was a travel addict.

Since then, I have backpacked through England and Scotland (at age 10), pub-crawled in Prague, island-hopped in the Adriatic, and canopy-toured the rainforests of Costa Rica. I dream about gelato savored in Rome, perfectly poured pints of Guinness in Dublin, and microbrews downed in rundown mansions in Bruges. I can’t exactly say the same about the haggis I ate in Edinburgh, but it vouches for the fact that I’m willing to try anything once. Through all of my travels, my only real complaint is that the long weekends and two-week trips are never long enough.

This blog is a collection of my travel tales, favorite spots, biggest mistakes, and best memories.


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